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Hey, Ive done alot of work in this world and given my intelligence freely.  If I have helped you and you would like to surprize me with a gift, this is what I would like, Thank you (smiles)

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I am Sunny 'TheSunsRay' I have been notoriously present around the world influencing the influencers to shape our collective reality for the greater good for all senitent beings which includes animals,  let us become or bestselves for the glory of what is called God.‚Äč

The Energy of sound is one the loves me because I explore it.  I have partnered with Silverman Slim if you would like to work with me.  I am a well developed Scorpio with range from Pluto to the Sun.

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Well what gives me the right?  Well, I have done the work, most ascended masters of the past are shown with a halo in there pictures, modern day, today, I'm here straight up glowing in my videos.  I am a 'Light Being' but I also embrace my own darkness as discribe myself with Horns and a Halo. This makes me a Human Being.

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Personal development, from me too you is based on Awakening  your Soul for its embodiment in your living life. This allows you to access ALL of yourself which enhances you whole being.  Your mind, body, emotional and spirit is all apart of self realization in personal development. 

TheSunsRay Instagram Account

If you love what you see and want me for an digital audition or StRAIght book me for your production, please click here. My ambition is thebe a character in Starwars,  

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TheSunsRay on Facebook

Interested?  You should be because its about you and how I may be of service to you who ever you may be.  Im like a candle that is burning bright and if I help you light yours flame my light get collectively brighter and the darkness is illuminated.  So go ahead click the image below, too discover.

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