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  I speak guests about new thoughts, health, sports, entertainment, modern day technology, basically anything that is worth mentioning.

I've all been told Im a pretty funny guy, yours gonna laugh for sure.

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I'm into providing general wellbeing for the fellow citizens.  Whether it's working with elite athletes, professionals I provide private and group sessions to increase mind-body relationship to promote a best self life experience for my clients. I have deep Scorpio roots which are ruled by Pluto which brings for new information which is of most value.

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I am present, all around the world, through my phone as I have it in my hand.  I influence the influencers to shape our collective reality for the greater good for all sentient beings which includes animals (obviously),  let us become our best selves for the glory of what is called God, but is ultimately undefined by the capability of the limited beings such as ourselves.

On this Website, you will find my local services, social media links, products I endorse on my Amazon Store, my own Self-development Meditations and self-development programs, and other TheSunsRay materials.