Quantum K, is one of the most complete energetic resetting I have experienced.  Alot of things happen to us in life and we do many things.  If you are not in your best health this may be a place to start in terms of using your mental abilities to can your physical experience.

Reiki, Is a energetic practice of healing with mind, body experience that allows for the flow of energy where it may have become stale through bad habits of practiced thoughts of feelings.  Do this session for 7 days at the same time and see the responding results form your body.


High vibrational Winged being of service to humanity.  These are two session I've come accross that are wonderful energetic experiences to be had.  The Chakras are wheels of energy that are to be experienced and alligned for non-physical to physical life.  When these chakras are worked with the life experience changes, new aspects of yourself are revealed to you through your own work.